Fly with increased precision and awareness with Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT™). SVT gives you the digital version of the world portrayed on your PFD with numerous navigation and obstruction aids to increase your flight security. Know where you are on approach or on the airport itself with ChartView (Jeppesen published electronic charts) and one year of navigation data subscriptions. SurfaceWatch™ monitors your aircraft’s position on the ground providing enhanced situational awareness through aural and visual alerts to the pilot throughout the airport terminal environment.




Cirrus Select add cruising comfort for both the pilot and the passengers with the Yaw Damper. It will practically eliminate the need for rudder input in those extended climbs and turns, allowing for a smoother ride. Also adds the Enhanced Vision System (EVS) displayed on big 12” screens and eTAWS. EVS creates an image of what is outside the aircraft by using infrared technology to turn night into day. eTAWS is a TAWS-B terrain warning system with greater predictive precision information based on your flight path, and if terrain is ahead, gives you early warning aural alerts.

Weight Δ: 5 lbs. (2.3 kg)


Upgrade to 12” screens for tremendous situational awareness and 35% more screen real estate over the standard 10” screens. Always know where you are on approach or on the airport itself with ChartView (geo-referenced Jeppesen published electronic charts) and one year of navigation data subscriptions. Garmin Flight Stream 510 allows you to connect your mobile device to your built-in avionics panel. The SiriusXM Weather & Audio receiver completes the ultimate GA cockpit.

Weight Δ: 9 lbs. (1.4 kg)


Your aircraft will take you many places; make it look even better at your home airport with the Prestige, Comfort & Convenience Package. Adds leather bolstered seats, UV windows, two-tone silver over white paint, polished spinner, handles and steps, remote keyless entry and interior/exterior ambient convenience lighting.

Carbon Appearance Upgrade1

Inspired by the unmistakable style of the most legendary sports cars, the Carbon Appearance premium upgrade utilizes a new palette of accent colors that delivers a stunning tarmac presence. Interior details such as jet black vents, carbon fiber instrument panel lobes and two-tone premium leather bolstered seats complete this exhilarating look.

Platinum Appearance Upgrade1

A true sense of traditional, elegant and luxurious style is captured in the Platinum Appearance premium upgrade. Fluid lines and a distinguished collection of earthy exterior colors highlight this desirable option. Nickel vents, a painted spinner, and solid color premium leather bolstered seats provide the perfect finishing touches that complement this rich appearance upgrade.

Rhodium Appearance Upgrade1

Timeless and sophisticated, the Rhodium Appearance premium upgrade defines modern luxury with iconic simplicity. Make your statement with a striking yet subtle exterior in one of three stunning new metallic hues. Nickel vents, a painted spinner, and solid color premium leather bolstered seats provide the perfect finishing touches that complement this rich new addition to Cirrus style.

1Upgrade for Prestige, Comfort & Convenience Package


The GTS is truly the SR22 flagship. Combine all the packages for even greater value: Cirrus Select, Awareness Alerts & Assistance, Digital Advantage, Certified Flight into Known Ice, Prestige, Comfort & Convenience, Carbon/Platinum/Rhodium Upgrade and authentic GTS badging. GTS is the luxury, technology, and performance standard by which all other aircraft are measured.

GTS Weight: 2363 lbs. (1069 kg)
GTS without Ice Protection Weight: 2355 lbs. (1065 kg) – AC replaces Certified Flight into Known Ice



Active Traffic Information

Always know where other aircraft are located with alerts from all aircraft with an active transponder within your proximity.

Weight ∆ = 15 lbs (63.8 kg)


Air Conditioning

Stay cool with this factory installed Air Conditioning System.

Weight Δ = 55 lbs (24.9 kg)


Perspective Global Connect

Worldwide weather, satellite phone and text messaging through Iridium Communications, fully integrated for use with your cabin headphones means you’re always within reach.

Weight Δ = 6 lbs (2.7 kg)


Lightning Detection

Enhance weather awareness with instantaneous lightning information for all types of convective activity.

Weight Δ = 6 lbs (2.7 kg)

Yaw Damper
Practically eliminates the need for the rudder in extended climbs and turns, allowing for a smoother ride for everyone on board as the annoying bumps are reduced. Also included in the Perspective Plus Package.
Weight Δ = 4 lbs (1.8 kg)

Hartzell Lightweight Composite Prop
Significantly increase your SR22’s useful load and add ramp presence with the three-blade composite propeller.
Weight Δ = -12 lbs (-5.4 kg)

Built-In Oxygen System
Give yourself the flexibility to fly to wherever you need to be. The SR22 service ceiling allows you to fly to 17,500 ft. Take advantage of the higher altitudes to get over weather, terrain or increase your ground speed. The 77 cubic ft capacity factory installed system will provide plenty of oxygen for all occupants for normal flight durations.
Weight ∆ = 18 lbs (8.2 kg)


Tanis Engine Pre-Heater

Guarantee your aircraft is ready for colder weather flying and maximize your engine life.

Weight Δ = 2 lbs (.9 kg)



3rd Year Spinner-to-Tail Warranty.

Give yourself and your investment the peace of mind that during the first three years of ownership, if any system in your aircraft needs attention, Cirrus will take care of you.

4th & 5th Year Spinner-to-Tail Warranty

Upgrade Add two more years for an unprecedented and industry-leading five year Spinner-to-Tail warranty. The most complete coverage for the world’s most desired aircraft.


Increase your flying flexibility and capability with the Cirrus Known Ice Protection System. Not an STC or an afterthought, this TKS-based system was uniquely engineered to include innovative features such as dual windshield sprayers that ensure landing visibility, dual TKS fluid tanks with automatic tank switching and three TKS flow rate options to cover every condition. More impressive is the full integration with the Cirrus Perspective cockpit providing ready access to TKS fluid duration and range information and all System Operating Parameters. Finally, this package also guarantees your aircraft is ready for colder weather flying and maximized engine life with a Tanis Engine Pre-Heater.

Weight Δ: 63 lbs. (28.6 kg)

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