Cirrus Safe Return:

The Safe return emergency Autoland system, designed by Garmin, can automatically figure out the best airport ad runway, plot a flight path, communicate with air traffic control and other planes, navigate, and land the plane - all with one touch of a button


The Cirrus Story is one of Enthusiastic and relentless innovation.

we started by re imagining personal aviation with a piston aircraft that redefined performance, style, comfort and safety. After six generations of the SR series, we continue to raise the bar with improvements like sophisticated avionics and luxurious interiors.

The SF 50 Vision Jet is the culmination of the same spirit of innovation. As the worlds first Personal Jet, the Vision Jet excels in performance and is simple to fly. It is easy to own and operate and its a Joy to travel in, as a pilot and as a passenger.

With the Vision Jet, we ushered in a new era of personal transportation. Its an era where jet speed, jet comfort and jet convenience are accessible to the general aviation pilot. The best part, After winning numerous accolades and awards, including the Robert J Colloer Trophy, we are just getting started.

Introducing the Generation 2 Vision Jet - the latest example of how our team is always dreaming up whats next in aviation

SF 50 G2 Brochure

Cirrus South Africa, Hanger 24, Gate 5, Lanseria Airport, Gauteng, South Africa

011 - 701 3835 / 011 659 2060 / 063 688 6741