• Alex Smith

Cirrus Africa! The Launch!

To our Valued Cirrus family,

It is with great pleasure and gratitude that we write to you in these unprecedented times with a message of intention and excitement.

As you all know and have experienced yourself, the last 6 months of the Covid 19 Pandemic has seen unimaginable damage to the local and international economy and more specifically to us the aviation industry.

World heavyweights in aviation have closed their doors, and locally we have seen the fall of many of the key figures in South Africa’s aviation industry. Locally the aviation game is still fraught with uncertainty with international flights still banned at the time of writing, and domestic operations are limited and the feasibility of the short term seems bleak.

As all businesses, we have seen some tough times over the last few months; however the opening of general aviation in June has once again opened our doors and has gotten us back to business at almost 100% capacity. We are well aware of the importance of GA to you our Cirrus family for both your personal and business use. Now more than ever personal transportation has become a necessity in business operations. The present might seem bleak, but we have every belief that the future of aviation is not gone, the world is slowly regaining some form of normalcy and we foresee the future specifically of personal transport to be larger than ever in the coming years.

The COVID 19 pandemic has not left us entirely unaffected, and as a result we have spent the last few months focusing on the future, rather than struggling with the present. We as the Brand representatives have a responsibility to you, our loyal Cirrus owners and pilots. We have taken this down time to reassess and consolidate our business and its structures in an effort to ensure longevity and success of the Cirrus brand on the African continent.

We would like to officially announce the changes to the structure of our business moving forward, officially from the 1st of September 2020.

CDC Aviation as you know it will from 1 September be solely focused on the sale of new and pre owned cirrus aircraft with Piet Van Blerk being the primary contact for that company.

The Flight Training School (ATO headed by Alex Smith ) and Aircraft service agency ( AMO headed by Travis McGee) will fall under a newly developed company named Cirrus Africa (pty) Ltd, with Tony Forbes being the primary contact of this company.

The affiliation with the brand and the daily procedures and service will remain relatively unchanged. We will endeavour to keep the change to you as the client as fluent as possible over this time. The main focus will be to streamline our operations and procedures to ensure a better quality of service of the operation to you the client over the long term. Although with any new structures there may be some teething issues, we are firmly in the belief this is an exciting and positive move towards the future, with many new and exciting approaches to the business model to be implemented.

With the new changes there will most notably be a change in Bank accounts for the training and maintenance departments, which will be reflected on all invoices from 1 September 2020.

Cirrus Africa and CDC Aviation as separate entities will continue to work together as the only Certified Platinum partner of Cirrus Aircraft on the African continent.

You can be assured that the changes that have been implemented are only in the interest of a prolonged and successful relationship with the Cirrus Brand and that we will continue to improve and provide the most professional and reliable service to our clients.

We look forward to many more successful years with each and every one of you and thank you for your ongoing support and assistance in growing the Cirrus brand on this beautiful continent.


The Cirrus Africa team


Cirrus South Africa, Hanger 24, Gate 5, Lanseria Airport, Gauteng, South Africa

011 - 701 3835 / 011 659 2060 / 063 688 6741